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  1. Unlimited words for a job ad? Isnít that much longer than most newspaper ads and hot vacancy listing with other job portal? What should the recruiter say?
    Many employers/recruiters just run the same or similar ad with very limited words that they run in the newspaper. However, the longer and more descriptive ads generate much better and targeted response from job seekers. We always recommend you to explain as much as possible about your company and the job that you're offering. What does your company do and offer? What are all the employee(s) benefits that you offer? What kind of environment is it? How is the the job special? The more detail you can provide, the better.
  2. How JobsCoimbatore.com is different from the other job vacancy web sites?
    Unlike other job portal and classifieds web sites, www.JobsCoimbatore.com has a LOCAL focus. All the job listings and all the candidates are from the Coimbatore area. It covers places like Coimbatore, Pollachi, Udumalpet, Thirupur, Mettupalayam, Karamadai , Annur, Avinashi, Sulur and other surrounding area. Some non-local job resumes are shown because the candidate has indicated a willingness to relocate to the Coimbatore area. Job seekers looking for a local job find JobsCoimbatore.com much easier to navigate than most other sites.
  3. Do you have resumes from job seekers on the site?
    Yes, resume access is available to recruiters/employers who post job vacancies.
  4. Do job seekers pay to post their resumes?
    No. The job seekers do not pay for any aspect of the site. They can read ads, search the ads, post resumes, send resumes, apply on-line, email recruiters, and send ads to a friend -- all absolutely free.
  5. How do I access to the resume database?
    Our database of resumes and job applications is available to recruiters who post jobs.
  6. Are all the resumes current?
    Resumes that haven't been updated or renewed are automatically deleted after 90 days to ensure that our database of local job seekers is always current.
  7. How do most people find out about the site?
    JobsCoimbatore is promoted throughout the year in regional media. The site gets about Rs. 10 lakhs a year in advertising support.
  8. Why is the site promoted on the radio and local TV?
    We have found that job seekers just aren't reading the newspaper classified ads as much as they used to. (This is why so many recruiters are seeking other avenues to find employees.). However, job seekers ARE still listening to radio, watching tv, ... and surfing the net. You can hear our spots online, too!
  9. Does JobsCoimbatore.com work well in finding candidates for low paid positions?
    Many recruiters have the misconception that their low paid employees don't surf the web. However we've found this is simply not true! Many studies show that internet usage is NOT related to household income. Do not assume that low paid workers don't surf the web.The low paying jobs on our site generate the most response.
  10. Does the recruiter have to place the ad himself via the computer?
    Most recruiters do place the ads themselves because it's so quick, easy, and convenient. However, you can also call us and our Ad Placement Specialist can enter the ad for you.
  11. How do I get my password?
    Go to "Forgot Your Password?", enter the email address you used to set up your account and we will send your password to you via email instantly. Passwords can't be given out over the phone; customers must use this automated system.
  12. How do I place my FIRST ad?
    Placing an ad is easy and your ad gets posted instantly for job seekers to see right away! Click on "Post New Job Now!". Fill our your company information (account setup process) and then your ad information. Follow through the next steps, including payment, until you receive the notice "Congratulations Your Ad Has Been Posted". Placing your first ad also sets up your account. Additional ads MUST be placed from your Employer Account Administration page.
  13. When and how do I pay for my ad?
    You will pay for your ad after filling out your company and ad information - payment is the last step! Keep in mind that you are given a number of opportunities to view your ad for accuracy before you pay. We accept VISA or MasterCard credit cards or we can invoice you.
  14. How do I know that my ad has been successfully posted?
    When you see the final screen "Congratulations Your Ad Has Been Posted", your ad has been successfully posted and will appear on our home page immediately! We also send you a confirmation email immediately after you place your ad. Furthermore, you will see you ad in the Current Ads section of your account.
  15. How do I access my account to place a new ad or search the resume database?
    1. Go to our home page www.JobsCoimbatore.com and click on Employer login.
    2. At the log in prompt, enter your email address OR your account number and password.
  16. How do I log out of my account?
    Those who use a computer at work or a public location like at a library, might want to log out of their account each time they use our service. While on your Account Administration page, click the "Log Out" link found on the top right-hand corner of the account screen.
  17. How do I find the ad that I just placed?
    Once you've placed your ad, go into our View Jobs section, Job Search, or Advanced Job Search immediately. Your ad also appears under your account administration page right away.
  18. I have an account, how do I place a new ad?
    If you have an account, it is very important to place new ads from your Employer Account Administration page. Failure to do so will result in a duplicate account. To place a new ad, simply log into your Employer Account Administration page and click on "Place a New Ad".
  19. I need to run my ad for another 30 days; how do I renew my ad?
    Log into your account. Once your are logged in, you will see your ads listed at the bottom. To the right of each posting you will see the option to renew your ad. Renewing your ad gives you the opportunity to make changes before your ad expires. Once your ad is renewed, it gets sent to the home page and appears as a new ad!
  20. How do I modify my ad and is there a charge for modifications?
    Log into your account. Once your are logged in, you will see your ads listed at the bottom. To the right of each posting you will see the option to modify your ad.
  21. How do I "rerun" an expired ad?
    To rerun an expired or deleted ad, simply log into your account and click the option "Rerun Expired Ad". Here you will see all your past ads. Click "rerun" next to the ad that you would like to run again. Next, fill in any fields that are empty, and make any necessary changes. Follow through the next steps, including payment, until you receive the notice "Congratulations Your Ad Has Been Posted".
  22. I filled my position! How do I delete my ad?
    Sign into your Employer Account Administration. View a list of your job vacancy ads at the bottom of the page. You will see the option to delete your ad to the right of each ad posting,. Keep in mind that there are no refunds for deleting an ad early.
  23. What do the number of "Applicants" next to my ad mean?
    The number of applicants next to your ad is actually the number of job seekers that have applied to your ad.
  24. I have dozens of "clicks" but I haven't received any inquiries to my opening, what should I do?
    If you have a good number of clicks but you haven't received any inquiries about your position, you should check to see who is receiving the calls, faxes, emails or mailed resumes in your office. If you are sure that these contacts also have not received inquiries, you might want to modify your ad - you can get ad writing ideas from other postings on the site.
  25. How do I access the resume database?
    Be sure you are signed into your JobsCoimbatore.com account. From your Account Administration Page, follow the link to Search Local Resume Database. Local resume database access can also be purchased without a job posting. Contact us if your account should include the resume database and you're unable to access resumes. Call 0422-4391468.
  26. What happens to my ad after 30 days...will I get charged again automatically?
    Ads are deleted and archived for you for future use. We do not automatically renew ads and do not automatically charge customers for renewals.
  27. I have a web site; how do I link to my jobs on www.jobsCoimbatore.com job vacancy?
    Linking to your ads on www.jobsCoimbatore.com job vacancy is easy! If you have one current ad, simply go to that page. Copy the link from your browser's address bar. Use this on your web page to create the link. If you have multiple ads, go to the details page of any one of your ads, and click on the link that says "See all job opportunities at {Your Company}." Use this as your link page.

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