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    Jobscoimbatore.com Terms of User Agreement & Privacy policy
  • In some cases we also store IP address in our database and set cookies in user computers

  • Jobscoimbatore.com charges a fee from jobseekers for premium postings only – “Post yourself” which is freely viewed by employers in “Hire for Free”. Personal information will be viewed by employers who login to jobscoimbatore.com for hiring activities.

  • We do not share money with the employers or placement consultants in case they charge you for their services

  • We charge subscription fee from employers, in case promotion we give free service to certain employers.

  • Even after taking extreme precautions, In Case of Data Leaks, Software Problem, Server Down issues, we are not responsible for any losses you incur to your data.

  • Jobscoimbatore.com will not be held responsible for events arising from unauthorized access of your personal information.

  • Your information is safe with us, we do not misuse or sell your information

  • Our Policy may change with or without notice

  • No job Guarantee given to jobseekers by jobscoimbatore.com

For issues and more details, you can call us using contact us

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